Grid Network Management Reimagined.

Introducing Adora, the cutting-edge grid network management solution that empowers utilities to optimize operations, minimize losses, achieve operational excellence, and maximize profitability.



Take control with these powerful features.

Network Management

Trace the energy flow from the source to the customer and minimize losses at each point in real time.

Field Operations

Our solution helps you manage field personnel efficiently and quickly resolve issues. It also helps detect outages early and minimize losses.

Commercial Operations

Get insights to improve your billing, vending, and revenue protection processes.

Meter Data Management

Integrate data from different meter manufacturers seamlessly to streamline operations and make informed decisions with unified meter data management.


See how Adora's functionalities translate to real-world benefits for your utility.

Gain real-time visibility

Monitor each node for voltage fluctuations, power flow, and asset health to address ATC&C losses and optimize grid performance.

Identify and prioritize inefficiencies

Examine data to pinpoint areas with significant energy loss or underperformance. This analysis will enable swift corrective action, leading to enhanced grid efficiency.

Make data-driven decisions

Optimize power distribution and consumption by utilizing real-time and historical data to minimize energy loss and improve grid efficiency.

Minimize downtime

Anticipate potential asset failures before they happen, eliminating outages and ensuring consistent power delivery.

Streamline billing and vending processes

Simplify billing and vending processes to improve customer experience. Give customers clear and flexible billing options based on real-time usage data.

Unify meter data

Combine data from diverse sources into a unified platform for detailed grid analysis and well-informed decision-making.

Technical Specifications

Dive deeper into Adora's technical specifications.


Accessible from any device, anywhere.

Secure, scalable, and customizable

Meets the demands of utilities of all sizes.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with existing metering and billing systems.